Septic Pumping





Frequency of pumping is strictly based on a family’s water usage and habits. If a system is constantly overloaded, it may need to be cleaned out every year or 2. Where as, others may be able to go 4 or 5 years. Our technicians measure how much sludge is in the tanks using a sludge judge. You may not realize it but your septic system will always have large amounts of water in the tanks, that is normal. So, if you open your lids and see it is full of water that does not mean it needs to be pumped. The trash tank (1st tank, usually buried) will need to be pumped when the other tanks are pumped. The treatment tank is the 2nd tank, and the pump tank, the 3rd tank is important because the water pump is housed in this tank and is about 12 inches from the bottom of the tank. We recommend homeowners to pump their systems when we measure 8- 10 inches of sludge in the pump tank to keep your water pump from becoming stressed.

Our experienced pumpers know what they are working with and know what needs to be cleaned out of your system.We will take precautions while pumping your system.

When pumping your septic system out we believe that educating the homeowners is very important.

Here are some Septic Pumping Facts:

1) You should always pump out all 3 tanks  – we encourage the homeowner to witness the pumping and check the tanks when we are done. We get too many calls from homeowners that just pumped a year and half ago that need to pump again because their system was not pumped out correctly. (e.i. only get 1 or 2 tanks pumped out or the pump company did not pump the tanks completely.)

2) Make sure the pump company digs up the Trash Tank and pump’s this tank. Usually this tanks is buried but it still needs to be pumped. If the tank does need to be dug up make sure there is no extra charge for this and if so what is the charge.

3) Regularly pumping your septic tank is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing pumps and other components.

4) You should be able to see the bottom of all 3 tanks once the pumping has been completed – take a look if you like!

We take pride in what we do and guarantee our work every time!